A selection of various music clips or TV video's where I did the make-up and/or hairstyling of the performing musicians or artists.

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The first single from their 2019 LP "Southern Breeze".

Directed by Sam Flammang.

Make-up (HD) & styling by Valentina Becker.

Outfits from Blossom Luxembourg.

Recording & Mixing: Charles Stoltz (Holtz Sound)

Mastering: Tom Gatti (Audio Oak)

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KLOK is ‘ All Reitz Reserved - Chris Reitz ‘ Submission for Serj Tankian's " 7 Notes Challenge" by Creative Armenia. The track listed within the Top 100 of more than 2000 submissions from 65 different countries.

Make-up (HD) : Valentina Becker

Video : Sven Ulmerich

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I really appreciated Valentina’s presence on set while we were shooting the video clip for my song KLOK. When you’re a solo artist you happen to be managing a whole lot of different tasks. Valentina was not only doing a great, yet natural make-up – she was supervising the whole visual aspect and I felt reassured handing over such a big responsibility into her capable hands. It was a great experience having such a talented make-up artist on set and I’d work with Valentina anytime again. 
— All Reitz Reserved - Chris Reitz