professional makeuP and haiR artist




International Make-up and Hair Artist based in Luxembourg. Worldwide bookable on request.

Multilingual : Luxembourgish, German, English, French, Italian.

Mobile service or - on appointment at Valentina’s Make-up & Hair Lounge in Luxembourg.



Book me for : Photoshootings, Fashion, Commercial, Editorial, Publicity, Event, Red Carpet, Gala, Performance

As a HD-Spezialised book me for : Video, film & TV, photography

My clients are : photographers, designers, actors & actresses, artists, musicians, designers, singers, VIP & Red Carpet guests, event planers, business, influencers, bloggers …

private clients

Get your beauty make over for event, party, gala, any special occasion, baptism, photoshooting, make-up parties, bachelor parties

Make-up Coaching, individual and group workshops

For Wedding please visit my special site only for weddings where you can find all the informations or inspirations

SPecial requests

Special Effects, bodypainting, facepainting, bellypainting, transformations, masks


Moja Labs during Film Festival de Cannes 2019 | Fashion Shootings for Awamumoja in Mauritania, Cameroon, Cannes, China and Sevilla | Film Festival Cannes 2017 - for Awamumoja and exclusive MUAH for Mastercard | Rosenball | Bertelsmannparty, Red Carpet Service | Sportpresseball | Welcome 2014 (Berlin Brandenburger Tor) | German Actor Award | Children in Need Charity Event with Thomas Rath

Prom’s, VIP’s and artists :

Hollywood Star Wesley Snipes, Ross Antony, Hot Banditoz, Voxxclub, Kim Hnizdo, Anja Kling, Anastasia Zampounidis, Kerstin Ott, Heino, Feuerherz, Jule Gölsdorf, Senta Sofia Delliponti, Alpenraudis, Heino, Norman Langen, Münchener Freiheit, Thurnes&Taxis, Aida, Alina, Kim Hnizdo, Hermes House Band, 

Luxembourg : Awamumoja, Lea Linster, Fausti, Monica Semedo, Tara Donell, Valérie Wagner, All Reitz Reserved, Tom 



Qualified and certified Make-up & Hairstylist- Catwalk Make-up Artist School, Francfort 2011-2012

HD-Spezialised - Ursula Haas Make-up Artist School, Francfort 2013

Master in Fashion Makeup - MBA (Making Beauty Academy) School Milan (2016)

Mastered 2018

6 year working experience in different working fields such as Fashion, and High Fashion Event, Red Carpet, VIP and artist styling, Video, Film, Musical and Theater. This in different countries such as Luxembourg, Germany, Milan, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Africa, Spain, China and New York .


I do Makeup and hair but first at all I am an artist.

My mission is to transform skillfully the human canvas and hair into a character or appereance within an allotted timeframe. So you can be sure : when and wherever you want to express your faculties of your personality or want to get a perfect make-up look : as a professional and experienced Make-up and Hair Artist I prepare you for an unforgettable performance!



Thanks to my multicultural background and my international working experience I can offer the perfect advice, treatment and care on an world-wide level.


You need a multilingual make-up and hair artist ? No problem !

I fluently speak and write 5 languages : Luxemburgish, German, English, French and Italian.

Passionated about languages I am learning Spanish and Portuguese. I may not be able to answer you fluently but In understand a lot !


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